A Status Check on your Planning


Let’s start with a realistic assessment of where you are in building a solid estate plan. Use this checklist to assess your progress and plan for your important next steps.

A. Identify and gather the following:
____  The most recent copy of wills and/or trusts
____  Up-to-date list of all assets, including real estate, investments & retirement
____  Copies of deeds and business documents
____  List of family members and their contact information
____  List of beneficiaries (primary and alternate) and their contact information
____  I/we have decided on representatives (primary and alternate) and have their current contact information:
          Patient Advocate _____________________________________________
          Power of Attorney for Finances __________________________________
          Trustee (Individual or Professional)* ______________________________
          Guardian for Minor or Disabled Children ___________________________
____  How I/we want assets divided & distributed
____  A list of specific gifts of personal property

B.  Consider your resources and whether they are providing the level of service you want and deserve:

____  Investments & Financial Planning
____  Legal Matters
____  Accounting & Tax Matters
____  Existing Trusts

C. Commit to filling in the gaps that you can. 

Tasks to complete: ___________________________________________________________

Target date: _________________________________________________________________

D. Don’t have all the answers? Reach out to Credit Union Trust.

The Credit Union Trust team offers significant trust and estate planning experience, backed by the team spirit of people helping people. We are here to help you take the next best step–and there is no charge for the conversation.

Call 877.730.6109 or email us to share your questions or schedule an appointment.

Notes & Questions for Credit Union Trust:

(Please do not share sensitive information using this form.) _______________________________________________________________________________

*Note: There are two types of trustees: individual and professional. Professional trustees like Credit Union Trust are regulated fiduciaries that undergo regular audits and are insured. (Individual trustees don’t offer those same protections.)

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