Trust and Estate Planning

Credit Union Trust was formed to provide a knowledgeable resource available to more individuals and their families–one that was personal, accessible, and reasonable. 

The trust and investment-related products and services offered by Credit Union Trust are designed to create, protect, maximize, and preserve wealth for credit union members and the public. Credit Union Trust also offers investment management solutions for foundations, not-for-profit entities and other community-based entities.

Trust Services

Establishing a trust may be the most important financial step you take, if you are interested in increased protection and the ability to direct how your assets are distributed. Trusts are particularly helpful for:

  • Blended families
  • Families with special needs
  • Individuals worried about incapacity
  • Those looking for more control or privacy
  • Families concerned about vulnerable parents.

Selecting the Best Trustee

Before choosing a trustee, it is important to understand the commitment involved and the role they will play. While your first inclination may be to choose a family member, there are valuable reasons to consider choosing a professional like Credit Union Trust instead:

  • An Honor or a Burden?
    Many assume it is an honor to choose a family member. In fact, it often becomes a burden. They may be busy with their own lives, uncertain about the role they need to play, and/or concerned about maintaining relationships with other family members and beneficiaries during what is often an emotional process
  • Checks and Balances
    A professional trustee is audited, regulated, bonded, and insured. Those protections aren’t in place if you choose an individual trustee
  • Time and Expertise
    Most family members lack the time and the expertise to dedicate to the important tasks required
  • Neutrality
    It may be difficult for a family member to act objectively; they are emotionally involved and often a beneficiary as well. The benefit of having a professional trustee to serve as a neutral party avoids potential favoritism or subjectivity.

Services include:

Trust Services & Support:

Fiduciary Services:

Investment Services:

Whether your financial needs are simple or complex, Credit Union Trust’s professional team has the resources and experience to manage your finances and family relationships successfully.