Cathie Iott Rourke

Cathie Rourke

VP, Director of Marketing

Cathie Iott Rourke serves as head of Marketing for CU Trust. Following an extensive career that included managing marketing efforts for a large regional bank, directing efforts for a local credit union, and supporting a variety of financial clients through advertising agencies and her own marketing firm, Cathie joined CU Trust in 2019 to help market and grow what was then a new organization.

“I was very intrigued when I was first introduced to CU Trust. There aren’t many opportunities to play such an integral role in the growth of a  unique, new organization that also provides such a valuable service to the community. That’s why I joined the team and that’s why I’m still here.”

Outside of her professional marketing roles, Cathie has helped market non-profits that support the underserved in the Detroit area, through education and other service organizations. She also developed, wrote, and published a book and gift set for individuals facing personal and medical challenges. Cathie holds a bachelor of arts in English from Grand Valley State University.